GJ Nature Care

Strategy Development and Consulting

We provide consultancy and strategy development services with a focus on renewable energy technologies such as biomass, solar plants, wind turbines, enzyme technology. We also provide support in feasibility for biogas and waste management. Our renewable energy consultancy services will help you get value for money, and save the environment.

We help you reduce your energy costs and increase the benefits; with the energy efficiency services your company will be self-sustainable in terms of energy. Our consulting services includes conducting audits and identifying opportunities which can provide cost effective solutions. We also perform assessments for companies to comply with the legislation.

Strategy Development

Renewable energy and new build projects go hand in hand. By incorporating renewable energy, the running costs of your premises will be significantly reduced and can also create a long term income. We will work with your architect to provide a practical renewable energy solution. We provide planning services for renewable energy projects and work with your local planning authority and conservation officer to ensure you obtain planning permission. Planning applications for renewable energy can be complicated; our renewable energy planning services will help you with the complexity of renewable energy planning and get your project off to a good start. We will help you through the application process.

Technology & Project Feasibility Study

We assist our clients through all phases of the project. We assist the future facility owners/operators in planning, design and procurement of their facilities. Subsequently we supervise and manage the implementation of the projects on behalf of the clients. We can assist in the establishment of waste to energy facilities under different contracting structures.

Pre Treatment Services

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Corporate Waste Disposal

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Waste to Energy Solution

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Waste Management

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